• ROCK LIGHT: 1x Pixel Single Color ( Red, blue, white, or green)





  • APPLICATIONS: All 12V (Jeep, Truck, RV, ATV, etc)
  • SYSTEM INPUT: Tinned 12V+ / Ground



  • COLOR: ( Red, blue, white, or green)
  • LEDS: 12x 1W High-Power
  • HOUSING MATERIAL: Cast Aluminum
  • LENS MATERIAL: Bash-proof Polycarbonate
  • FINISH: Powdercoated
  • INPUT: Bare Wire (+/-)




ROCK OUT: We've been representing Profile's products for over a year now and could not be more impressed with the quality, performance, and unique flavor they bring to each of their offerings. Far from a generic Chinese rock light with a new name etched on it; the Profile Pixel rock lights are an all-new design from Profile's industrial engineering house in California, led by Yoshitaka Ishida. Our customers are now installing these rock lights on their Jeeps, trucks, ATV’s, golf carts, trailers, and we’re not surprised, because they put old-school under glow kits to shame.


INTENSITY: Look, we know most guys aren’t actually using these to light up rocks out on a trail in the middle of the desert, and while you could definitely do that...The Profile Rock Lights produce the intensity required in order to be seen in the city. No matter if you mount them in your wheel wells or under the frame; their optical lens will spread plenty of light that will not only look good, but is capable of letting you see well too if/when you need it!


RELIABILITY: Their innovative technology delivers a virtually infinite lifespan of 50,000 hours. That's almost six straight years! The complexity of their circuitry has been minimized to a singular PCB with no external drivers to break. The beefy cast aluminum shell and bash-proof 2mm thick PC lens over the LEDs are both strong enough to take a beating. All connections are waterproof, and all electronics are potted with resin. They are rock lights, after all! 



Rock Light Single Color