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These Ford Emblems are available for Ford F150, F250, and F350 pickup trucks.


Upgrade your Ford truck with Putco’s official Ford licensed LED emblems.


This next installment in the Luminix® line of products that seamlessly replaces the OEM emblems using the original mounts.

Installation is quick and easy, all wiring is plug&play and routes directly to the fuse box.
The IP69K rated emblem is tough and durable, designed to withstand the elements and provide a unique signature look to your vehicle.
With this LED emblem you can set your Ford truck apart from rest in no time in safety and style.


• Compatible with camera and lens washing systems - (available with or without).
• Seamlessly replaces OEM Ford emblems using OEM mounts.
• Plug&play direct to fuse box.
• IP69K rated.
• Front Emblem delivers a 6,500K White High Lux.
• Rear Emblem delivers a Mega Red High Lux for a sharp light and maximum visibility.
• Chip On Board LEDs layout for crisp illumination day or night.
• Signature startup sequence.
• Ford Licensed product.
• Sold separately as front and rear.


Our Ford LED emblem fits directly into OEM post mounts and is fitted perfectly for a headache
free installation that allows full use of camera and camera washing components.


Putco’s LED emblem begins illuminating with an eye-catching startup sequence at a 6,500K
color temperature.


"IP" refers to the product’s ability to resist ingress of dust while the "69K" refers to the product’s
ability to resist ingress of high temperature (Steam) / high-pressure water.

Ford Super Duty LED Emblem w/ startup sequence

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