This kit comes in 3 sizes which are as follows


  • 3x LED Fiber Heads and 1x 6 Foot Fiber Optic Roll       $109.99
  • 6x Led Fiber Heads and 2x 6 Foot Fiber Optic Rolls     $149.99
  • 8x LED Fiber Heads and 3x 6 Foot Fiber Optic Rolls    $199.99



  • 1.2w Multi- Color LED Multi- Color heads
  • Built in Bluetooth functionality.
  • Sync light to music, speed or acceleration. 
  • 16 million colors. Capture color with camera.
  • Over 15 holiday themes and DIY theme builder.
  • Customizable sensor wire. Change lights to preset color when activated.


If you are searching for a truly unique way of dressing up your interior, look no more! Our all new fiber optic kits are just what you need. Sure those interior design lines might look cool during the day, but once the sun goes down it gets a little, well, dark. Cue the lights…..the light pipe that is! Paired standard with one of our XKchrome Mini Bluetooth controllers, the features never stop. Install is a breeze with the integrated mounting tab and included 12V plug. Welcome to the future!


LED Fiber Optic Kit - Multi color with Bluetooth controller XKGlow