PROFILE PERFORMANCE: The automotive aftermarket’s best name in LED Lighting; and there's nothing better than some badass high beams. While there's nothing wrong with your halogen high beam bulbs, or a set of bi-xenon/Bi-LED projectors, overkill is under-rated, and thats why we're giving two thumbs up to the new Hi-Lens dedicated high beam projectors from Profile.

WELL DONE: The Profile Hi-Lens projector is plenty's basically a miniature LED light bar / spot light that's designed to fit in your high beam reflector with ease. With their advanced optics, XHP35 LEDs, and multi-lens projector, they look as good as they work too!

EASY INSTALL: The Hi-Lens features a threaded-shaft style mount on the back that allows the projectors to be locked on with their included hardware, and minimal modifications to your headlight. Best part is that the threaded shaft is about twice as long as what you would normally find on something like a Mini H1 projector, making it even easier to install across the board. That's winning!

DEMON EYES DRL: With an integrated white LED Daytime Running Light mode, you can run these in low-intensity mode just as most factory halogen high beams do during the daytime. Wiring is simple too, with a 9005/9006 male socket for main power, and a +/- lead for the DRL - all exiting from the threaded shaft. Super clean, super simple.

SHROUDS: Conveniently, the Profile Hi-Lens LED projector is compatible with most every existing shroud on the market except for the "Mini" series. If they've got a flange inside to accept a centric ring, you should be able to snap them right onto the bezel on the front face of the Hi-Lens. Love it!



  • PROJECTORS: 2x Profile Hi-Lens LED High Beams

  • HARDWARE: Threaded Shaft Mounting Kit

  • WARRANTY: 2 Years

  • EXTRAS: Profile Decal



  • APPLICATIONS: Universal (Cars, trucks etc)

  • DIRECT FITMENT: H7 housings (little/no mods)

  • MODS REQUIRED: H1, H11, H13, 9005, 9006, 9007 housings

  • OUTPUTS: High Beam

  • SHROUDS: All Styles Except “Mini” or “Square”

  • CENTRIC RINGS: Not Required



  • HEIGHT: 80mm

  • WIDTH: 80mm


  • MAX DEPTH: 85mm (includes shaft / wire exit)

  • LENS DIAMETER: 80mm/3"

  • MOUNTING SHAFT: Diameter = 19mm

  • LOCK NUT: Size = 30mm

  • HOUSING DEPTH: 132mm Minimum

  • STANDARD LENS: 100% clarity performance-optic

Hi Beam Projector: Profile Hi-Lens LED