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H4 Flashtech Fusion F4 LED Bulbs (pair)


The FLASHTECH Fusion F4 line of replacement fog light bulbs feature an unsurpassed level of brightness and quality. This bulb utilizes Fusion CSP technology which enables each bulb to produce 4000 lumens of vibrant light with sharp hues while still consuming less power than factory bulbs. Fusion F4 fbulbs are the brightest option to dramatically increase headlight or fog light light output for your car or truck with a simple plug and play design!

6000K Color Temperature
4000 Lumens of light output per bulb
High Power Fusion LED diodes producing 42 watts per bulb
Shockproof, Dust-proof and Waterproof
Proprietary third generation heatsink ensures plug and play installation

Package Contents::
2x  F4 LED Headlight Bulbs: H4 Bulb Size in retail packaging
1 Color Installation Manual

Note: This LED bulb is designed for headlight illumination purposes. These bulbs can be used for fog light or headlight replacements. Canbus adapters are available, to prevent flickering, for specific applications.

H4 Flashtech Fusion F4 LED Bulbs (pair)

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