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The Morimoto XB Hybrid LED headlights offer an affordable yet high-performance upgrade for the Ford Super Duty trucks. Featuring reflector optics for daytime running lights and powerful LED projectors for both low and high beams, these headlights ensure superior visibility and a stylish appearance. Despite their lower price point compared to the premium Morimoto XBs, the Hybrids maintain excellent light output and come with a solid five-year warranty. DOT-approved dual LED projectors guarantee compliance with street legality standards, while their plug-and-play design facilitates easy installation without any modifications required. With wide adjustability options and seamless integration into the Super Duty's factory wiring system, upgrading to the Morimoto XB Hybrid headlights promises enhanced safety and aesthetics for nighttime driving enthusiasts.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Powerful LED projectors for exceptional light and beam pattern.
  • Affordable Performance: Cost-effective alternative to premium Morimoto XB series.
  • OEM-Grade Quality: Durable, backed by a five-year warranty, and housed in OEM-grade casing.
  • Street-Legal: Meets SAE, DOT, and FVMSS108 regulations for complete legality.
  • Easy Installation: Plug-and-play design for seamless integration with Super Duty.


  • Ford Super Duty (F-250, F-350, F-450): 2020-22 w/ Halogen Headlights

  • OEM LED Trucks: Not Compatible


Special: If you ask us, the 2020 Super Duty reigns king as the most badass Heavy Duty truck on the road today. What's not to like? The thing is a beast. Well--aside from the basic halogen headlights. Dim yellow light bulbs and a lack of daytime running light won't cut it in 2021. If you've got big bucks burning a hole in your pocket, then the high-end XB headlights from Morimoto are a no brainer. If, however, your brain is telling you to save some dough while accomplishing the mission then go for the new XB Hybrids for your Ford Super Duty.

Bang for the Buck: The XB Hybrids share many of the same core components developed for the top of the line series from Morimoto, without some of the features that make them considerably more expensive. That said... the Super Duty Hybrid LED headlights are hardly a compromise. True reflector optics for the DRL. Killer light output. Good Looks... all wrapped up inside of an OEM-grade housing and backed with a solid five-year warranty. Compared to the more expensive Morimoto XBs, these use two projectors (instead of four), so while they won't destroy the OE LED performance, they'll far surpass those yellow stock halogens.

High Performance: When it comes to light output, these Super Duty headlights surely will not disappoint. Not all Ford guys are all about the bling-- light output is important too--and there is no lack of luminosity here. the Hybrids have a powerful, wide, and bright led low beam projector, and a dedicated led high beam projector too. their optics were specially developed just last year specifically for use the hybrid lineup to produce an amazing beam pattern despite the affordable price point. unlike other "headlight upgrades" that look decent, these look great, and will most definitely make driving in the dark a pleasure. Bring on the night!

DOT Approved: for the ladies and gents that care about street legality, their dual led projector optics meet & exceed all SAE, DOT, and FVMSS108 regulations. they come out of the box aimed to factory specs, and are also fully adjustable for those of you with lifted trucks.

Plug and Play: When it comes to wiring, it doesn't get much easier than this. The Hybrid headlights are designed to work on your new Super Duty without any modifications. They will plug into the factory H13 three-pin connector for the stock headlights, and will work seamlessly without any issues at all. You will however have to add one cable, which comes included, to power the DRL--but that's plug n play with one of the slots in your fuse box. No big deal.

20-22 Super Duty XB Hybrid LED Headlights

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